Promote your business with Banib Conecta

With Banib Conecta platform learn how to engage and transport your client anywhere, inside or outside your company, wherever you are, in an innovative and creative way.

Real Estate

Ever dreamed of having more time, clients, and money? With Banib Conecta platform you can create your own virtual tour and capture your client’s attention by showcasing their dream home through an immersive virtual experience and all that even before an on-site visit. After captivating your audience, without worrying about on-site visits expenses, you just need to schedule a visit to the desired property. Let your customer know that you are ahead of time and start using Banib Conecta platform today.

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Know every detail of the environments available to your child in school and have more security. Use virtual tours at your school to show in detail all the care of your school to build perfect environments for your students. They will give you the clear feeling of being at the school, using only the internet. The whole family can participate in this important choice for parents and children. Ever wonder? Simple and easy! This differential, for your school, is a few clicks away and very accessible. What we offer is just that: uncomplicated virtual tours.

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Jump on the bandwagon and stop wasting time with outdated solutions! Using Banib Conecta platform you can virtually take your clients to incredible places and have a positive impact in their decision-making process! All aboard?


What about letting your clients have a look around and see your restaurant? What if you could let them explore the place freely, order a take out, book their tables, and perhaps even sneak into the kitchen? Stay ahead of the competition! Use Banib Conecta platform to create uncomplicated virtual tours to captivate potential clients. Surely, they will love it!


Coping with the fear and expectation that precedes an event is not an easy task. Though, with Banib Conecta platform you can create a virtual tour for your event and share it on your social network. Leave your audience wanting more! Prepare for your upcoming events by making sure your brand stories, your successes, are very much alive in people’s minds. The 360° universe will help you to promote your event like never before, but the result you already know: Technology a magnet for success and always attracting more!

Trade fairs and shows

Being able to take a client to your trade fair or show, even when they are in a different country sounds like a complicated matter, don’t you think? Of course not! Using the Banib Connect platform you can produce virtual tours of your show or trade fair, and share with your clients anywhere around the globe. Get in touch with us today and discover that investing in 360° technology is dirt cheap!