você aumenta suas VENDAS e ainda REDUZ, até 70% do seu custo para realizar visitas à imóveis!

você atinge um número muito maior de clientes em menos tempo.

An intuitive platform that creates, in a matter of minutes, a virtual tour ready to be published wherever you want! Start now!

Thanks to the easy-to-use features of 360° cameras, the real estate themselves can create their virtual tours. Banib Conecta eliminates the need of third parties, making the process better, cheaper, and faster.

At Banib Conecta you can count on a variety of payment options that fits your unique needs and budget. Perform a test with the initial plan. If you may not like it, you can cancel at any time!

Real estate agents in Portugal can already benefit from the Banib Conecta! Meet more customers with more assertive sales!

What is Banib Conecta?

Expand your reach! Through Banib Conecta offer your clients immersive 360° experiences and enable them to engage in your properties more deeply by getting to know the façade, surroundings, amenities. All of it available at their fingertips on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Does that sound futuristic to you? Something that would require high tech equipment and exorbitant investments? Well, not really. Just a few clicks away, this very unfair advantage is not only affordable, but it is exactly what we offer, meaning: Uncomplicated Virtual Tours.

How does it works?

Only with Banib Conecta you make quality tours, reduce costs and increase the productivity of your real estate agency:


Schedule a time with our consultants and learn how to make your real estate agency more productive


Create an account, gain exclusive training and get out in front of the competition


Capture the images, publish your photos and follow the results

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Banib Conecta benefits in all plans

  • Fixed monthly fee custom-made to fit your needs
  • Create standard photos for download and add them to your website
  • Digital and intuitive platform: design and edit your virtual tours within a couple of steps
  • Get online support and training
  • Appraise your properties using 360° photos
  • Has published a virtual tour and closed a deal? The photos go back to you.
  • Use VR headsets to showcase your listings in immersive virtual tours
  • Option to filter out faces and car plates
  • Inclusion of additional information anywhere on the tour
  • Technical team composed of doctors with specialization in images
  • Methodology for connecting 360 images developed by Banib itself
  • Samsung partner

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Save your brokers’ time

Without leaving your house, your client knows the properties

Track everything via smart reports and access metrics

Selling quickly and more assertively

Online training at all stages

Support and dedicated team to track your success